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Bsketti is back! But I’ve forgotten how to blog. In fact I can barely type. Luckily, with my camera all I need to do is press the button and it gives me nice pictures.

First, this is where I live:


(To clarify, I don’t actually live on the hill like Moses. I live nearby! Not sure if Moses lived on a hill either, or if he just visited. Can’t have been easy hiking in those sandals in any case. Don’t see mountain goats wearing sandals, do you? I think that tells us something. Oh my God (sorry to blaspheme), I’ve just thought: both Moses and mountain goats have beards. What are the chances of that? Beards are the best.)

Anyway, here’s an action shot:


And this is how I get to work!


And this is the slightly sicky feeling I get when I consider leaving such a nice place and moving somewhere inferior:


It’s a cruel life, being all restless and stuff.