I am breaking radio silence to publish this important fact that I just read on the bus:

“From birth, a young mammal spends much of its time in close physical contact with its mother and its litter-mates. A small kitten or puppy, for example, cannot urinate or defecate without help from its mother or some other adult. It has to be rolled on its back and stimulated by vigorous licking.”

Aside from raising intriguing questions about what would happen to the kitten or puppy if their alma mater didn’t really fancy this item on the mothering to-do list (would they explode?), this statement is notable in being exactly 17.2 times more interesting than the following statement:

“From 1st May 2009, the increase in the number of VED bands to 13, to better incentivise a shift to ‘best in class’ cars and to reward drivers of lower emissions cars; and, higher first year rates (i.e. for new cars) in 2010-11 to better influence purchasing choices at the point of sale.”

In fact, is there a more interesting statement in published literature? I will make it my mission to find it.